Sports mouth guards

Sports mouth guards are devices worn during sporting activities that involve falls, body contact and flying equipment i.e. football, baseball, hockey, soccer etc.
Mouth guards typically cover the top teeth to protect against broken teeth and trauma to the lips. If you wear braces, a mouth guard may also be suggested for the lower teeth as well. Mouth guards should be replaced each season, as they can alter in shape. Especially in children and adolescents as their mouth continues to grow and change.
Call us to make an appointment to have a custom mouth guard made for your child – health fund rebates apply and they can be made in a quick turn-around. (02) 4324 1181.

Boy putting in his mouth guard

Interdental Cleaning

Girl with Interdental Brush in studio

Interdental cleaning is cleaning between the teeth with floss or interdental devices such as Piksters. It is done to remove bacteria (plaque) and debris that is retained between the teeth that a toothbrush cannot remove. If not removed daily it can place you at a much higher risk for developing cavities in between teeth and gum disease (gingivitis/periodontitis). Regular interdental cleaning can prevent cavities and gum disease from initiating.

Congratulations to Crona!

Congratulations to Crona who is now registered as an Oral Health Therapist! What does this mean? She can now do examinations, fillings and extractions for children and adolescents. Which means we have an extra provider to see your family! Crona is practicing Monday to Wednesday.
Call us on (02) 4324 1181 to make an appointment.