How much money should the tooth fairy bring?


Today’s tooth fairy needs a lot more silver than she did in 1900, when she left an average of twelve cents. In 1998, the tooth fairy left an average of one dollar. In 2014, the going rate for a lost tooth reached an all-time high with an average of $4.36*. Just keep in mind that you need to keep it consistent, with children losing 20 baby teeth in their lifetime. Multiply that by the amount of kids you have and it could be a costly exercise if you start with anything too high! Kids will compare their tooth money on the playground, and so going overboard with the fairy’s gift can cause problems with your child’s friends and neighbours. Staying within the one to five dollar range while explaining that the tooth fairy pays more for perfectly clean teeth that have been well brushed and flossed may help explain fluctuations in the rewards different tooth fairies leave. Cassie | Practice Manager

*Original Tooth Fairy Poll, sponsored by Delta Dental Plans Association. Image:

I can’t afford regular dental care. Are there some resources available to me?

Parents giving kids piggyback ride

Medicare provides free dental treatment to children under 18 if families are eligible. To find out more, call Medicare on 132 011 to see if you meet the criteria for free dental for your child.

Adult patients can visit their local hospital to see if they are eligible for a hospital voucher for dental care. We at Albany Dental do accept these dental vouchers for treatment provided. For more information, call to speak to one of our friendly staff (02) 4324 1181. Danielle | Receptionist.

What should my oral health routine be at home?


Brushing 2-3times per day with a suitable fluoridated toothpaste and a small soft bristled tooth brush. It’s also a good idea to spit any excess tooth paste out instead of rinsing. This leaves the fluoride on your teeth for a longer period of time.

Cleaning in between the teeth using floss or interdental brushes – cavity causing bacteria still hang around in between teeth where  your toothbrush bristles are unable to reach. Cleaning in between the teeth helps remove plaque and food particles from underneath the gum lines and in between the teeth.  Crona | Hygienist


What should I do in a dental emergency?

Man With A Toothache. Pain In The Human Body

Immediate action is required for dental injuries. If a tooth is knocked out, place tooth in a container, submerged with milk and come straight to the surgery for urgent treatment.

If you are suffering with a tooth ache, call us immediately and we will do our best to see you as soon as possible. Danielle | Receptionist.


I have a fear of the dentist. How can I overcome this?

Girl frightened by dentists

I have been working at this practice for a long time and I see many patients who are anxious or nervous – it is a very common comment that I hear. Sometimes it is not easy hearing “You will be ok, we will look after you!” But, we do look after you and work to make you feel comfortable. The dentist explains what he thinks is the right treatment plan for the individual and always converses with the parents regarding their children.

I do get extremely nervous and anxious when I have my 6 monthly check-up. I know there is nothing to worry about but once you have a bad experience (particularly when you were young) that feeling will not always go away.

Take the time to breathe and think how good your teeth felt after the last check and clean. Try to relax by listening to music or reading one of your favourite books/magazines. And don’t be afraid to voice your fears – it just helps us to make your experience a pleasant one.  Sharon | Receptionist


My family want to come together for regular checkups. Is there a discount available?

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At Albany Dental, we offer gap free preventative care for families who come every 6 months. This service would start at your 2nd family visit where we would discount the gap payment for all members of the family. This discount applies to examinations, scale and polish, fluoride and preventative x-rays. Danielle | Receptionist.

Manual vs. electric toothbrush. What is better for me?

Manual vs electric toothbrush. What is better for me?

Studies do show that using a powered toothbrush reduces plaque and gingivitis more than a manual toothbrush in both the long and short term. However, it comes down to personal preference and if your dental professional says that you are brushing well with your manual toothbrush, then keep up the good work! Crona | Hygienist


At what age should my child visit the dentist?

At what age should my child visit the dentist?

We recommend that children as young as two come along with their parents to visit the dentist just to get a feel for the place. The noises, smells and sights can be confronting for children and we like to put them at ease by giving them a ride in the chair and showing them around. By doing it this way at an early age, we slowly introduce them to the dentist, so if an unexpected emergency happens they will already be familiar with the setting and we can put them at ease quickly. After the initial visit, we suggest still bringing your child along to your regular family checkups and each time we will have a look at their teeth and eventually we can try for a little polish.  Our hygienists Crona and Celia are very good at working with children and knowing how to progress with them. Cassie | Practice Manager