How Much Money Should the Tooth Fairy Bring?

Today’s tooth fairy needs a lot more silver than she did in 1900, when she left an average of twelve cents. In 1998, the tooth fairy left an average of one dollar. In 2014, the going rate for a lost tooth reached an all-time high with an average of $4.36*. Just keep in mind that you need to keep it consistent, with children losing 20 baby teeth in their lifetime. Multiply that by the amount of kids you have and it could be a costly exercise if you start with anything too high! Kids will compare their tooth money on the playground, and so going overboard with the fairy’s gift can cause problems with your child’s friends and neighbours. Staying within the one to five dollar range while explaining that the tooth fairy pays more for perfectly clean teeth that have been well brushed and flossed may help explain fluctuations in the rewards different tooth fairies leave. Cassie | Practice Manager

*Original Tooth Fairy Poll, sponsored by Delta Dental Plans Association. Image: