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Due to increased demand, we now have extra appointments in the school holidays! Phone us to make an appointment (02) 4324 1181 to secure your...

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Do I Need The Dentist If I Have No Teeth?

Short answer is yes! It is important to see a dentist at least once a year to check your gums, tissues and dentures. You may be asking, my denture is still very comfortable – why should I see a dentist? During your check up the dental practitioner will check...

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Informative Articles

How to look after your kids teeth

How to look after your kids teeth Knowing what to do to care for your kids teeth can be difficult. So here is the low down! From 3 months: Gently wipe their gums with a soft wet towel twice a day to clean off debris. This will also get them used to a routine and being...

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Clenching and grinding

If you ever wake up in the morning with a sore jaw or headache, you may be clenching and grinding. Grinding is an involuntary movement of the teeth against each other; whereas, clenching is clamping the teeth tightly shut. When the mouth is resting, the top and bottom...

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Tooth Brush Tales – Which is the Best?

The bright and flashy multitudes of packaging of the dental section in supermarkets and chemists can make for an overwhelming decision on your next toothbrush – Which one is the best for you? Ultra-Soft, Soft, Medium or Hard? Although you might feel like a medium or...

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What is fluoride and why do I need it?

  Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral, not an artificial compound or medication like it is sometimes perceived to be. Fluoride is found in fresh and salt water, vegetables and grains, rocks and soil. This naturally occurring mineral plays a critical role in...

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