How to Overcome a Fear of the Dentist =

I have been working at this practice for a long time and I see many patients who are anxious or nervous – it is a very common comment that I hear. Sometimes it is not easy hearing “You will be ok, we will look after you!” But, we do look after you and work to make you feel comfortable. The dentist explains what he thinks is the right treatment plan for the individual and always converses with the parents regarding their children.

I do get extremely nervous and anxious when I have my 6 monthly check-up. I know there is nothing to worry about but once you have a bad experience (particularly when you were young) that feeling will not always go away.

Take the time to breathe and think how good your teeth felt after the last check and clean. Try to relax by listening to music or reading one of your favourite books/magazines. And don’t be afraid to voice your fears – it just helps us to make your experience a pleasant one.  Sharon | Receptionist