Snoring continues to be a problem in many relationships, which can cause you to be forced to sleep on the couch! Furthermore, if Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is also present there are possibly serious health issues involved such as increased risk of elevated blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.

Studies have shown that although a CPAP is very effective in the treatment of OSA, compliance is a real problem and patients fail to use them regularly. Struggling with your CPAP machine? There could be a potential alternative! In co-operation with your doctor, sleep physician or specialist we might be able to help.

Our custom made SOMNOMED mandibular advancement splint is a viable option for both those that snore, and those with OSA. It is comfortable and well tolerated, and above all, it works! Doctors Streimann and Heydenrych can tell you more.


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