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We understand that tooth loss and decay can be stressful and worrying, and that’s why we provide quick and effective solutions to all your dental problems.

Dental crowns and bridges are two solutions that we may consider for you. Our professional dental team will ensure that your smile is restored in no time.

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Dental Crowns & Bridges

Albany Dental will take into account whether you’re experiencing tooth decay or tooth loss to decide whether a dental bridge or crown is the best solution for you, when a simple filling just won’t do.

Dental crowns are used in the case of decaying or damaged teeth. It is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth or dental implant.

A dental bridge, on the other hand, is used by dentists to close the gap between your teeth where tooth loss has occurred. It is a false tooth or teeth, otherwise known as pontics, which ‘bridge’ the gap by giving the appearance of real teeth.

Both procedures are aimed at restoring your natural smile, and Albany Dental will make sure that you have the confidence to do so by preventing the onset of further tooth complications.

Why Might You Need A Dental Crown Or Bridge?

Rest assured that Albany Dental will choose the correct treatment according to your needs. There are plenty of reasons why we might suggest a dental crown or bridge to you. For dental crowns, these include:

  • To protect decaying teeth from (further) breaking
  • To restore a broken tooth
  • Cover a tooth that has received root canal treatment
  • To support a large filling
  • Hold a dental bridge in place

If We Suggest A Dental Bridge, It Is:

  • To stop your teeth from rotating or shifting
  • To prevent a bad bite
  • To correct speech
  • To maintain the shape of your face

How Do Dental Crowns And Bridges Work?

A dental crown works by allowing a damaged tooth to retain its shape, size, strength and improve its overall appearance. We will secure the dental crown in place to ensure that it encases the entire tooth that is visible above the gum line.

There are four main types of dental bridge, including cantilever, Maryland, traditional, and implant-supported. Albany Dental will recommend the right option for you to secure the best results.

During a dental bridge procedure, we will implement two crowns that fuse with existing teeth or dental implants on either side of the gap. This allows for secure implantation.

We commonly use porcelain when it comes to dental bridges as they better resemble your natural teeth. We love colour matching the artificial teeth to match your smile. That way, you will be smiling in no time.

How To Maintain Your Bridge Or Crown

At Albany Dental, we recommend good oral hygiene to maintain your existing dental crown and bridge or prevent against them.

By taking care of your teeth, bridges and crowns can last a lifetime. We recommend using fluoride toothpaste twice daily and flossing every day.

We have encountered many situations where durable crowns and bridges become damaged by hard-to-chew foods or objects. They are also not immune to the effects of dental disease which can loosen the structures.

Take our advice to prevent dental crown and bridge damage, you won’t regret it.

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